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A PDA Has A Touch Screen Rather Than Plain Screen

A PDA Has A Touch Screen Rather than Plain Screen

A PDA has a touch screen, which is a very frosty feature. This allows the PDA to have very few buttons you have to deal with. The stylus is used to access different areas of your PDA by the use of the touch screen.

However, the touch screen is same sensitive. The touch screen also should only be cleaned with an electronic cleaner, this way it is not damaged in any way and will work on your PDA just as it always does. By tapping the touch screen with the stylus allows you to activate buttons or maneuver from different menu choices just as you would with a desktop computer mouse.

You do not have a cursor on a PDA; instead by using the touch screen and the stylus you are able to use your PDA in a quick manner. If you have your PDA shake on to take notes, which most PDA's have this feature you can use the stylus and the touch screen again literally write cry.

If your PDA is not in this mode, then you simply use the virtual keyboard at the bottom of the touch screen on your PDA. Using the stylus you tap the letters you want that appear on the touch screen. This is very untroublesome to do as well. You can also use the touch screen and stylus to highlight different areas of a paragraph you may have done on your PDA.

Remember you don't have to press hard on the touch screen of your PDA. The touch screen is very sensitive. Tapping it lightly is always best instead of pressing hard. If it's possible, try to clean your touch screen everyday, especially if you keep irrefutable in a case, this way dust and other things don't build up on it. If you let dust or other film collect on the touch screen it bequeath not be as sensitive at the tapping of the stylus.

Some people use screen covers for their PDA touch screens simply so the touch screen will not get scratched or wounded in some way. These screen covers are not costly, in fact they are considered very inexpensive when you think about the thinkable damage that could be done to the touch screen of your PDA. Most of the time the touch screen covers come in packs as well.

You don't have to excite them at a computer store or somewhere close that. Most lot stores sell them so they don't even have to be special ordered. These touch screen covers are not reusable however, but this is why they are sold in packs, and one screen cover does last for a lifetime, depending on the amount of usage you do on your PDA.

Never effort to use a pen, pencil, or any other accurate object to tap on the touch screen of your PDA, many times not only will the PDA not be able to flip the command you are trying to perform, but it is also a good way to definitely damage the touch screen.


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